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          We have established an industry-university-research mechanism with Sichuan University,
          Sun Yat-sen University and Shenzhen University and achieved achievement successfully

          Based on patented technology products


          Cooperate with customers in their early stage of product development so as to clearly understand customer products and needs

          Assist customers to select materials reasonably and conduct appropriate physical and chemical performance analysis.

          The comprehensive solution provider in the field of polymer material science and engineering

          By using powerful engineering software and combining with product structure and engineering analysis,
          we can provide fine mold design, high-precision CNC machine tools and measuring equipment to achieve precise measurement
          and manufacturing of molds.

          We adopt the world's advanced injection molding equipment, conduct lean manufacturing process,
          we have ten thousand level purification production environment, and we possess visual inspection means for the automatic
          production line which is equipped with complete post processing technologies such as ultrasonic, leakage detection,
          hot pressing, printing, oil injection and so on.

          Product consistency and manufacturing repeatability verification.

          And scientific logistics management.

          guarantee customers with stable batches of high-quality products.


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